Webinar: GNSS Module Technology without compromises

More and more high accuracy GNSS applications are emerging in the industrial and professional mass markets. Integrators of technology are confronted with different choices of GNSS technologies. Unfortunately, many of these technologies are compromised by their HW and SW design in accuracy, performance, power, security and other capabilities creating risks and unexpected future costs when being integrated in professional applications. This webinar will help you understand the value of modules with no compromises from both the technology as well as from the user perspective.

The professional panel will discuss the ingredients for reliable GNSS applications that are important to consider when integrating GNSS solutions, the high-end yet small module technology available today and the experiences when integrating resilient professional GNSS technology.


  1. Understanding the value of High precision GNSS modules,
  2. Understanding the meaning of modules with no compromises: the ingredient for reliable GNSS applications,
  3. Recognize why Resilient GNSS module is important for your mission critical applications,
  4. Get familiar with High-grade GNSS modules in tiny small form factor suitable for low power and thin products,
  5. Learn the experiences and use cases from users integrating reliable/resilient GNSS modules.


  • FRANCOIS FREULON, Head of Product Management, SEPTENTRIO
  • ERIC MAGLIO, Lead Engineer, HITEC
  • SAID JACKSON, Founder & President, JACKSON LABS
  • CHRISTOPHE BONIK, Chief Operating Officer, ARTISENSE 

TIMING:  Wednesday 9th September 11 am EDT / 5 pm CET

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